Feature Showcase

Everything You Could Ever Need.


Profile Command

View your Genshin Wizard profile


Builds Information Command

Shows builds for characters in the user's in-game showcase.


Abyss Progression Command

View your Genshin account's abyss progression


Character Summary Command

View an overview of all your Genshin Impact characters.


Gacha Command

View in-depth statistics for any banner in Genshin Impact. Information regarding total wishes, pity, and gacha luck can be found here.


HoYoLAB Overview Command

Manage your HoYoLAB account through Genshin Wizard.


Exploration Progression Command

View information on your in-game exploration progression.


Banners Command

View current on-going banners within Genshin Impact straight from Discord.


Reminders Command

Set-up automatic reminders for resin, teapot currency, expeditions, and even your parametric transformer!


Wish Simulator Shop Command

View Genshin Wizard's wish simulator shop, Paimon's Bargains.


Wish Simulator Character Archives Command

View Genshin Wizard's wish simulator character archive. This command will show you a synopsis of all the characters you own along with the characters you don't own.


Wish Simulator Commissions Command

Claim your daily commissions bonus for Genshin Wizard's wish simulator.


Monthly Rewards Command

View monthly rewards for your HoYoLAB account.


Wish History Overview

View your Wish History overview.


Codes Command

Send a Genshin Impact codes announcement. Users who have linked their HoYoLAB account can automatically redeem all the codes.


Stats Progression Command

View your Genshin Impact account's statistics and progression in real-time.


History Command

View your Genshin account's wish history.


Location Command

View locations for a specific resource in Genshin Impact.


Weapon Command

View an in-depth infographic for a specific weapon in Genshin Impact.


Leaderboard Command

View various leaderboards related to Genshin. There are Global, Server, & Personal filters for leaderboards.


Reference Sheet Command

View a reference sheet for a specific material.


Daily Sign-in Command

Sign in-to HoYoLAB through Genshin Wizard. Automatic Daily Sign-in requires users to join the Official Discord.


Import Wishes Command

Import wishes from other wish-tracking platforms. (Important Note: Refreshing using /refresh is recommended before importing to avoid any technical issues when importing.


Calculate Resources Command

Calculate the resource required to ascend a specific character to your desired level.


Export Command

Export your Genshin wish history formatted into a text file via private messages.


Genshin Events Command

Check all recent Genshin Impact events.


Guide Command

Look up a character guide for a specific Genshin character.


Playstyle Command

Look up a playstyle for a specific Genshin character.


Builds Command

Look up a build(s) for a specific Genshin character.


Ascension Materials Command

Look up ascension materials for a specific Genshin character.


Synergy Command

Look up team synergies and compositions for a specific Genshin character.


Profile Command

Look up constellations for a specific Genshin character.


Skill Talents Command

Look up skill talents for a specific Genshin character.


Passive Talents Command

Look up passive talents for a specific Genshin character.


To-Do Command

View your daily Genshin Impact checklist. This information is also configurable via the config panel.


Server Panel

Configure automatic Weapon & Talent Domain schedules directly into Discord.


Server-Time Panel

Configure automatic Server-Time schedule directly into Discord.


Config Command

Configure server panels directly into your Discord server.


Artifact Command

View information regarding a specific artifact within Genshin Impact.